Leadership Development

The Center offers the highest quality leadership development programs available. Across the organizational chart, from front-line supervisors to the CEO, the Center will impart knowledge and skills to enhance individual and organizational performance. Our training provides strategies and methods to develop critical skills that effectively deal with current business realities, focusing on:

  • Strategic planning
  • Capitalizing on strengths
  • Coaching and mentoring.

Our performance consulting program offers customized workplace solutions by identifying needs, acquiring relevant data, and designing an action plan that can be implemented for maximum return on investment. Customized solutions can take the form of one-on-one coaching, classroom instruction on your site or ours, online courses, or a blended approach.

Our focus areas of leadership development, continuous improvement, and innovation combine to produce sustained organizational growth and improved competitiveness.

Contact us today to arrange for a discussion with one of our trained consultants. We can help you start on your journey toward SUCCESS.

OSU Training to You Courses in Leadership Development

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